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Compact Disc Technology

by admin on Dec 25th in Computers, Hardware

Image by DHDesign via Flickr Computer hardware is an ever changing entity. Access to information has gone from what used to be a walk to the library in order to rent a book to knowledge being a mere click away. The compact disc has definitely played a role in the information optimization age. Compact discs, [...]

Flash Drive – Stable Information

by admin on Dec 23rd in Computers, Hardware

Image via Wikipedia No one can deny that computers have revolutionized the media and information industries. Today information travels at such a rate that people have a difficult time keeping up with it. One of the many unique parts of this computer age is the flash drive. Flash drives are small portable units that typically [...]

Keyboards Stay the Same

by admin on Dec 22nd in Computers, Hardware, Peripherals

Image via Wikipedia Take a moment to think about the way our technology works today. Before the 1980s ended, people still widely used the typewriter to store information, and write papers and letters. Today, instead of a large metal box, we have compact plastic computers that store information and are much easier to carry around. [...]

Behind the Mouse

by admin on Dec 20th in Computers, Hardware

Image via Wikipedia Shortly after computers were released in the 1940s, a device that changed computers forever was released. The trackball came into existence in 1952 as a secret military operation of the Canadian Navy. Because it was not under patent, a similar device came out in the early 60s; this was the first official [...]

Watching the Webcam

by admin on Dec 19th in Computers, Hardware, Internet, Peripherals

Image via Wikipedia Computers have gone from being devices that are for personal and professional use to devices used to network with a number of other people across the world. Originally, there was no way to link two computers on different sides of the world together. But today, not only have we accomplished that, but [...]

Speaking of Speakers

by admin on Dec 18th in Computers, Hardware, Peripherals

Computers were originally intended as data devices. They were used to store mass information based on letters and numbers. Today, instead of just basic data we have come into a new age of computing where music, videos, and other forms of data have taken over. Of course, with such a demand for computers to be [...]

Check the Mic

by admin on Dec 16th in Computers, Hardware, Peripherals

Starting out as a data device, the computer was originally used for fairly simple tasks. Today, computers have a diverse range of functions. Some people use computers specifically for gaming, others to browse the internet, some to share files using P2P applications like ares galaxy, some just to check email, and then there are people [...]

Printing Something New

by admin on Dec 14th in Computers, Hardware, Internet, Peripherals

At the beginning of time, books were something very few people could afford. Most books were written by hand, typically by monks or priests. A good portion of these books were bibles. Most people who owned them had to pay quite a price. Today, reading and owning a book is something that can be done [...]

Computing In The Cloud

by admin on Dec 13th in Computers, Hardware, Internet

With all of the advances in technology, the way we use our computers has change in many ways over the past few decades. One of the things that is ever changing and still developing is the way we the web. A new era in technology is fast approaching with the research in what is known [...]

Internet and The Information Generation

by admin on Dec 12th in Computers, Hardware, Internet

Since the release of the personal computer, the growth of the electronic age has inclined at a rapid pace. With this incline, the rate at which information is received has gone from zero to sixty in a matter of a few short years. There are people today who grew up without the modern day convienance [...]

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