Are you being credible and reliable?

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The internet nowadays is possibly our greatest enemy and our greatest friend for when it comes time to write a research paper. Since the internet has become such a user-friendly source, there have been many many reliable and some very unreliable sources. Wikipedia is now (to many) a very reliable source to answer all of life’s questions. Besides the many other user-entered sources lie the blogs, the personal articles, the fee-based encyclopedia, and now the question/answer services (like ChaCha).

Listed are some resources to use to ensure that you only use reliable and credible resources:

  • Nowadays because Google is attempting to take over the world, there are many resources that are available to find research documents. The one that comes to mind though is Google Scholar. This search feature searches for only specific types of articles, and can even be connected to the college that you are attending, with what their library offers.
  • If you are watching a television show, and want to quote something that let’s say “Jon Stewart” said, then quote it, just make sure you cite it.
  • If you are doing online business and working as an online trading broker etc, do keep your resources secure and get softwares fee of viruses.
  • Check for approved sources, often professors will say that “Wikipedia” is not credible, or that you need to find a certain amount of non-online sources.
  • And lastly don’t forget to check out your local library. There are still GREAT sources in the library, there are great books that are available, magazine articles, journal articles and even newspapers.

In the end though, don’t forget to triple check the sources. Create a bibliography or works cited page. It is what is most important. Put footnotes or citation marks throughout your paper. Be honorable!

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