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New Mobile Devices Are Faster Than Ever

by HuaMarketing on Apr 8th in Gadgets

Mobile phone manufacturers are taking what once used to be a product intended to make and receive phone calls, and turning these mini devices into tiny computers. Modern mobile phones now have the ability to send and receive text messages, take photographs, browse the web, and receive phone calls. In order to perform all these [...]

Backup… beep beep

by admin on Mar 9th in Gadgets, iPad

If you are Apple Inc. obsessed and scoff at anything with a squiggly window icon then you are probably like many others. You have multiple Apple products. It started with a big clunky iPod, then the third generation iPod, then the iMac into the iBook, the iMac (newer generation), the MacBook Pro, and most recently [...]

New ways to point and click

by admin on Mar 3rd in Gadgets, iPad

Can you remember the day your world changed from a DOS-based operating system to Windows? How you had to convince your boss that little gray thing that sat next to your keyboard was called a “mouse,” not a “rat”? The world has fast-forwarded 20+ years, and mice have adapted themselves to consumer demands for speed, [...]

On the Road: Protecting Your Laptop

by admin on Dec 9th in Gadgets, General, Internet

If you are going on the road and taking a laptop with you, the convenience of it is likely your main reason. They are so light weight these days that you’ll hardly remember they’re there. The thing to keep in mind, though, is that it is very easy to have a laptop stolen while you [...]

Options For the First Home Mortgage

by admin on Dec 7th in Gadgets, General

TheĀ first home mortgage is not only procuring a mortgage but of course the home buyer needs to make a wise choice on which home to buy. So the process includes determining the right location, searching for a home, and looking for the mortgage that fits a financial premise. This pathway can be overgrown with questions, [...]

Mobile Application Options for Your iPhone

by admin on Sep 16th in Gadgets, Hardware, Peripherals

You may already be familiar with some of the mobile application options available for your iPhone, but you may not know about others. Here are some familiar ones, and one or two that may not be so familiar: Music downloads capability. You can download music from practically any artist in any genre. You may have [...]

Nice upgrades with the Torch

by admin on Aug 20th in Gadgets, Latest On The Market

BlackBerry unveiled its latest model this week and the sleek new gadget is set up to give the iPhone a run for its money. The new BlackBerry model, which is called the Torch, features both a touch screen and a slide out keyboard for easier texting. It will be available in stores starting August 12th [...]

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