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Tips and Tricks for Shopping Online

by admin on Jul 5th in Internet, Latest On The Market

We all love a bargain but we don’t always know how to get the best price, especially when shopping online. Although there is no sure-fire way to guarantee success, there are a few tips and tricks to consider. Image by Getty Images via @daylife Products – Online merchants often provide coupon codes to either show [...]

Stay Safe

by admin on Mar 28th in Internet, Software

One of the greatest reasons that people use a laptop is so that they can surf the web, check their email, or get some work done from pretty much any location. They are then able to return a quick work email from their local coffee shop with free WiFi. When using public WiFi though, unauthorized [...]

Are you being credible and reliable?

by admin on Mar 24th in Internet, Recent News

The internet nowadays is possibly our greatest enemy and our greatest friend for when it comes time to write a research paper. Since the internet has become such a user-friendly source, there have been many many reliable and some very unreliable sources. Wikipedia is now (to many) a very reliable source to answer all of [...]

Are you an internet slut?

by admin on Mar 20th in Internet, Recent News

Due to this strong concern with an online reputation, there has been an uproar of companies that are designed to help you fix your reputation. They are often expensive, but they act as a publicist for you or for your brand. “If you take the steps to gauge the general tone of your brand’s online [...]

Internet Radio at it’s finest… PANDORA RADIO

by admin on Mar 16th in Internet

In November 1994 during a Rolling Stones concert the first use of the internet as a radio source was broadcasted allowing Mick Jagger to speak to the interweb listeners. Since 1994 radio and internet has become bigger, better and stronger. These two radio forms have been developed and catered to be able to use each [...]

How To Choose Web Hosting

by admin on Mar 8th in General, Internet

Paid hosting has several significant advantages over available hosting. Firstly you will obtain more helpful features with paid hosting. Technical backing will be often best with assistance accessible when you need it. Generally speaking Paid hosts will get often faster connections to the internet then your place will seem quicker. Most significantly with paid hosting [...]

Security is Key.

by admin on Feb 23rd in Internet

In the insecure world of todays security obsessed people, a lot of the “trusted” methods that are being used to remember a password, or store information are really not all that secure. has provided a slew of applications, tools, pointers in how you can beef up your own security. Many internet browsers these days [...]

Fun with USB power

by admin on Jan 22nd in Internet

Universal Serial Bus, or USB, connections make it deliriously simple to connect thousands of different kinds of peripheral devices to a computer. Whether you want storage on a flash drive, a connection to your printer, an interface with a mouse or controller or upload/download capability from a multimedia device, transfering your data is as easy [...]

Quad-core vs dual-core processors: Why go dual?

by admin on Jan 15th in Internet

If you’re faced with buying a new CPU, should you go with a dual-core or quad-core processor? What’s the difference and why would you choose one or the other? Just about all processors available today from the two largest manufacturers, Intel and AMD, are either quad-core or dual-core. The name clues you in to the [...]

The best sources of snark on the Internet

by admin on Jan 11th in Internet

What is snark? Call it sarcasm, satire, potshots, or plain old making fun of something, snark is one of the Internet’s top commodities (after porn, e-commerce and the legitimate exchange of information). When your brain is fried like pepper bacon after a day of caring about other people’s problems, log on to these sites and [...]

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