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Are you being credible and reliable?

by admin on Mar 24th in Internet, Recent News

The internet nowadays is possibly our greatest enemy and our greatest friend for when it comes time to write a research paper. Since the internet has become such a user-friendly source, there have been many many reliable and some very unreliable sources. Wikipedia is now (to many) a very reliable source to answer all of [...]

Are you an internet slut?

by admin on Mar 20th in Internet, Recent News

Due to this strong concern with an online reputation, there has been an uproar of companies that are designed to help you fix your reputation. They are often expensive, but they act as a publicist for you or for your brand. “If you take the steps to gauge the general tone of your brand’s online [...]

Listening to Customer Feedback

by admin on Feb 3rd in General, Recent News

A business needs to listen to feedback from customers and clients in order to have a thorough understanding of everything that is working, and everything that is not working. When you have this valuable information at your fingertips, you can apply it to the way that you run your business, changing your business practices and [...]

Computer Support

by admin on Aug 18th in Computers, Hardware, Latest On The Market, Recent News

There can be any number of times when one might require computer support of one form or another. When you consider that more and more people around the world are now either owners of personal computers or have obtained greater ease of access to a personal computer – the reality is that the need for [...]


by admin on Aug 10th in Computers, Latest On The Market, Recent News

Image via CrunchBase The largest web search engine in the world seems to be just getting bigger. Google has taken its business concept to new heights, adding plenty more to its repertoire that simply a search interface, though, to its credit, its home page to this day has changed very little since its inception: a [...]

Optimizing Digital Footprints

by admin on Jun 19th in Computers, Hardware, Latest On The Market, Peripherals, Recent News, video cards

Image via Wikipedia It’s safe to say that the traditional printed phone book is dead, as consumers now scour the Web to explore ideas and find certain products and services. With a click of the mouse, millions of consumers are readily primed for a company’s message, be it on their favorite sites or as they [...]

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