Hardware Basics

by admin on Aug 18th in Computers, Hardware, Peripherals

The days when computer usage was limited to scientists and wealthy individuals are long gone. There have been more than one billion personal computers in use around the world since 2008 and it is believed that the number will reach two billion by the middle of this decade.
Each day more people are learning how to perform basic computer operations. Some are adults who’ve finally succumbed to the fact that computers are here to stay, and others are the current generation of America’s youth. Many grade school students know how to type up homework assignments in Microsoft Word, research a word’s spelling in online dictionaries, and send emails to their grandparents who spend six months each year living in a retirement community in Florida.
While many people are learning these simple computer functions, many of these same people are unaware of or don’t acknowledge what the basic parts of a computer are.
The first important point to make is that the physical parts of a computer – the components that you can actually feel and see – are grouped together in one category and referred to as hardware. In general, a computer, namely a desktop setup, has the following hardware components:
- A screen/monitor, the part of the computer where the user can see what he or she is typing or reading. It is the output visual display.
- A speaker system, the part of the computer that outputs sound to the user. The speakers can be built within the monitor or can be a separate attachment.
- A mouse, which has two buttons and is a means for the user to navigate around and interact with the computer.
- A keyboard, which is only utilized when the user needs to input text into the computer. Using a keyboard, like a mouse, is second-nature for most computer users.
- A system unit, which consists of a floppy disk drive, a CD drive, and a hard disk drive that is stored inside the actual unit. Of the basic hardware components, this is the one most users know the least about.

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