Internet Radio at it’s finest… PANDORA RADIO

by admin on Mar 16th in Internet

In November 1994 during a Rolling Stones concert the first use of the internet as a radio source was broadcasted allowing Mick Jagger to speak to the interweb listeners. Since 1994 radio and internet has become bigger, better and stronger. These two radio forms have been developed and catered to be able to use each other no matter where you are.

In 1999 the two owners of the Music Genome Project founded Pandora Media in hopes to “capture the essence of music at the fundamental level.” This development has created one of the most popular internet radio services.

So how does Pandora Radio work?

  • Pandora Radio is a “music recommendation service.” Pandora account holders can enter a song, band or singer that they enjoy and this radio service comes up with other options that are similar to the initial entry.
  • Users are able to give positive or negative input to the selection that is played, skip songs and even to purchase the songs that they think are over the moon.

Since the rising of all iDevices, Pandora has become an application for iDevices that is available in the App Store. The iPhone, iPod and iPad device has similar features as the web services and allows users to play their music choices as long as they have an account (whether free or fee).

As many free services do, Pandora has developed two different subscription plans for Pandora users. There is a free service that is run by intermixing ads with the songs, and a fee based service that disables ads and enables a less interrupted listening experience.

There are a lot of other internet radio services, but none that cater to the similar choices of what the user enters. Check it out!

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