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It doesn’t seem that long ago that laptops were first introduced. The portable equivalent of a desktop computer, laptops revolutionized computing on the go. Business people requiring to take their work with them could now do so, working remotely, without having to carry files of portable storage media. Simply unplugging and packing their laptop computers, work could be done on the same system from anywhere in the world.

Of course, this would always run the risk of damage to your computer, so adequate back-ups of critical information would often be required in order to prevent data loss that could easily jeopardize your primary computer terminal. Nonetheless, portable computing is here to stay and has only evolved into a number of other electronic gadgets with equal processing capabilities of the laptops of yester-year.

Laptops have become lighter, more powerful and efficient. Batteries have also become smaller and more capable of keeping their charge for longer periods of time. It is now common for people to own both a desktop and laptop computers of equal processing and RAM memory capabilities. Most laptops now ship with built-in web cameras for capturing video feeds and video conferencing over the internet.

The next step in mobile computing has become most evident within the smartphone sector, where mobile phones are now sold with applications capable of managing multiple email accounts, texting, surfing the internet, and running thousands of applications capable of performing many of the functions that we commonly rely our computers to handle. Another portable computing device growing in popularity is the tablet PC or pad computer. These seem to be growing in popularity among users interested in a less bulky device with the similar display size of a comparable laptop computer. In many cases, there is no keyboard attached and are thereby equipped with a touchscreen to operate.

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