Netflix Expanding to iPhone

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The Advent of Netflix

When Netflix was first introduced to consumers in 1997, it made quite an impression with movie-goers and movie-lovers. Netflix made a substantial leap in the film industry by creating an avenue where customers could have the movie of their choice sent to them through the mail for them to watch. The process eliminated having to go to the movie rental stores to get films. This significantly changed the movie-rental industry. Soon after Netflix introduced the process, many other movie-rental giants followed suit.

The trendsetter in movies-by-mail began offering movies that were downloadable, either to computers or gaming systems like the Wii. Since customers are attracted to the “do-it-yourself” type of movie viewing, the movie-rental giants have found a new way to appeal to their customers. Most recently, Netflix added a way for members to download movies to their iPhones. Members can take advantage of the iPhone service through iPhone apps. Users can find Netflix applications at the iTunes store. This feature affords many Netflix customers the opportunity and convenience of movie renting and gives gadget-lovers a new way to get products from Netflix.

The Customer Satisfaction Quotient

Without a doubt, customers love convenience, and companies constantly strive for ways to offer customers what they want. The Netflix available function on the iPhone will prove to be a very successful feature for several reasons.

1.) It will give the customer complete flexibility. Memberswill be able to order movies at their convenience, directly from their iPhones. This will come in handy, especially in social situations. If a person hears or sees a movie he would like to rent, he will be able to access his account immediately and request the movie.

2.) Customers can manage their subscriptions and movie rentals using their iPhones or a blackberry smartphone.

3.) Customers can share their favorite movie selections with friends and do movie reviews from their iPhones. This feature will be especially useful for both the customer and for Netflix. Sharing movie reviews and information strengthens the social networking between customers and enhances the Netflix brand name.

The Netflix app will be a free download through the Apple store, but customer’s will need to have an unlimited membership account to take advantage of its various features. The membership account fees are very reasonable, depending on the preferences of the customers. Many customers use their services for just movie downloads, but there are also customers who download video games and television specials on DVD. The price for the service can range from around $9 to over $47 per month.

Netflix has a vast library of over 15,000 movie titles, so its integration to the iPhone will be a nice welcome for Apple customers and Netflix movie lovers. The collective efforts of both companies have created a wholly different and robust buying segment of the population that has virtually remained untapped. The expansion of Netflix to the iPhone will be another revolutionary way that the company has impacted the market, especially with the social networking and economic impact of this new technology and its convenience.


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