New ways to point and click

by admin on Mar 3rd in Gadgets, iPad

Can you remember the day your world changed from a DOS-based operating system to Windows? How you had to convince your boss that little gray thing that sat next to your keyboard was called a “mouse,” not a “rat”?

The world has fast-forwarded 20+ years, and mice have adapted themselves to consumer demands for speed, sensitivity, function and ergonomics. Here’s a look at a couple of the most advanced ways to point and click on the market today.

The Airmouse – developed by Canadian firm Deanmark, the Airmouse is a wearable device that performs all the functions of a handheld mouse. Soft fabric strips and loops place a tracking sensor under your thumb and left and right click buttons on your index and middle finger tips. The electronics components are removable from the fabric piece, so you can wash it or interchange fabric colors (blue, purple, yellow or black). Deanmark claims it eliminates the physical stress caused by repetitive mousing movements, and thus could alleviate or prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. It’s wireless, and you can wear it while you type, hoist your coffee mug, or scratch … plus, wearing the Airmouse makes you totally look like a Borg.

Mobile Mouse app – When the New York Times names you “App of the Week,” you’re probably onto something. RPA Technology’s Mobile Mouse app transforms your iPhone or iPod Touch into a motion-based mouse, trackpad and wireless remote. So go grab an HDMI cable, hook up your computer to your flatscreen, and sit back on your couch with your iPhone, because you won’t need any other peripherals. It works over your WiFi so you don’t even need a line of sight. In addition to mouse functions, the Mobile Mouse app takes the controls you need for media applications (play, pause, etc.) and puts them on your phone, making it a remote control.

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