New ways to point and click

by admin on Mar 3rd in Gadgets, iPad

Can you remember the day your world changed from a DOS-based operating system to Windows? How you had to convince your boss that little gray thing that sat next to your keyboard was called a “mouse,” not a “rat”? The world has fast-forwarded 20+ years, and mice have adapted themselves to consumer demands for speed, [...]

Security is Key.

by admin on Feb 23rd in Internet

In the insecure world of todays security obsessed people, a lot of the “trusted” methods that are being used to remember a password, or store information are really not all that secure. has provided a slew of applications, tools, pointers in how you can beef up your own security. Many internet browsers these days [...]

She is a Powerful Beast

by admin on Feb 16th in Computers

In 1998, a great company was founded. Google. While taking over the world was never the actual plan, they created an unofficial slogan that surprises none with their current status upon the world, “Don’t be evil.” In 1998 Larry Page and fellow PhD student, Sergey Brin were attending Stanford University together. They began to develop [...]

“How did you find out he left you?”- “From Facebook”

by admin on Feb 10th in Computers

In these current times, social networking is where our society believes they can find the purpose of life. To some people it seems to be the marriage “ring-checker” without any face-to-face… or face-to-hand communication, and without the ashtray smell of that lingers in a bar. Facebook, MySpace, and all of the other social networking sites [...]

Download or Smelling the Pages: A Tough Decision

by admin on Feb 8th in Computers

Convenience and drug stores are usually within a three-mile radius of your home. Jumping into the car and driving to the store and back takes less then fifteen minutes. Then you are able to sit down on your couch, stretch out your legs, and enjoy the newest New York Times Bestseller. The person in the [...]

Lifes Tough [Computer] Choices

by admin on Feb 3rd in Computers

Buying a desktop, laptop or any type of technology hardware can be a difficult and stressful purchase for people. For many the initial decision between Apple and Windows PC can be a headache in itself. After that decision is made though, the needs of the computer user usually decide whether a desktop or a portable [...]

Listening to Customer Feedback

by admin on Feb 3rd in General, Recent News

A business needs to listen to feedback from customers and clients in order to have a thorough understanding of everything that is working, and everything that is not working. When you have this valuable information at your fingertips, you can apply it to the way that you run your business, changing your business practices and [...]

The Portrayal of the Common Computer Problem

by admin on Feb 1st in Computers

There is a television show that airs on the British network, Channel 4. The IT Crowd stars Richard Avoade, Chris O’Dowd (Gulliver’s Travels), and Katherine Parkinson (Pirate Radio) and is also a BAFTA and Emmy award-winning show. The IT Crowd describes an exaggerated, yet realistic portrayal of an IT department that is based out of [...]

Your computer’s favorite playlist

by admin on Jan 29th in Computers

Life needs a soundtrack. You become the music supervisor on the set of your own life story when you make playlists. We’ve all created a few. “Darla’s Girlz Nite Out Playlist;” “Rainy Day Songs;” “Ben & Deb’s Romantic Playlist;” “Music for Studying” … We pick and choose songs that create a mood, bring back memories [...]

What to do with your old computer

by admin on Jan 27th in Computers

Take care of your car, and it could last 20 years, possibly 30 … or more. Though its styling might be out of date, it will still get you down the road. If only we could get that much life out of our desktop computers and laptops. Granted, it’s a lot less expensive to replace [...]

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