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Computer Hardware Getting Cheaper and Faster

by admin on Nov 8th in Hardware, Internet

Image via Wikipedia Although laptops and tablet computers are steadily increasing in popularity, the desktop processor hasn’t been completely replaced as of yet. In many case a desktop system with equal or even better specs can be found for substantially less than an equivalent laptop system. Coupled with the fact that many of these systems [...]

Taking care of your Computer Hardware

by admin on Oct 29th in Hardware, Internet

Image via Wikipedia Computers are expensive, and replacing them because someone spilled something or something got wet can be a drain to just about anyone’s budget. What follows are some Computer Hardware hints that will keep your computer safe and keep it running like the day your purchased it. 1.     Archive your items on [...]

Deciphering Computer Hardware

by admin on Sep 18th in Computers, Hardware, Internet, Software

Some people are crazy about technology. We all have those people in our lives that always have the very latest smart phone, handheld reader, MP3 player or laptop. Those are typically your go-to people whenever you’re having a problem with your own technology. Laptop acting up ? Take it to your best friend’s dad who [...]

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