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What to do with your old computer

by admin on Jan 27th in Computers

Take care of your car, and it could last 20 years, possibly 30 … or more. Though its styling might be out of date, it will still get you down the road. If only we could get that much life out of our desktop computers and laptops. Granted, it’s a lot less expensive to replace [...]

Buying Refurbished Computer Hardware

by admin on Sep 10th in Computers, Hardware, Internet

Image by Getty Images via @daylife When it comes time to replace your computer hardware – your actual computer mouse, tower, keyboard, speakers, laptop or smart phone – it may be difficult you understand why you should spend top dollar for brand new parts. Especially in our current economy, with jobless rates hovering around nine [...]

The Benefits of HDMI

by admin on Jul 14th in Computers, Hardware, Peripherals, video cards

Image via Wikipedia Just as several advances have taken place in the realms of processor speeds, memory, display resolution and clarity, so have similar improvements bee made in how the various components of a computer connect to each other. From serial cables that were originally used to connect monitors and and printers to the CPU, [...]

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