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Fun with USB power

by admin on Jan 22nd in Internet

Universal Serial Bus, or USB, connections make it deliriously simple to connect thousands of different kinds of peripheral devices to a computer. Whether you want storage on a flash drive, a connection to your printer, an interface with a mouse or controller or upload/download capability from a multimedia device, transfering your data is as easy [...]

The future of computer hardware

by admin on Jan 8th in Hardware

What’s next in the world of computer hardware? Are we getting close to those TV ads where the guy is placing stock trade orders via an interface in his eyeglasses lens? Maybe not quite yet. But here are a few developments that may hit the market in the next few years – or decades: Fabric [...]

Computer hardware – when form divorced function

by admin on Jan 4th in Hardware

It’s 1980. You’re the first person on your block to bring home a “personal computer.” It’s a TRS-80 from Radio Shack, and you’ve cleared off a space on your desk for it … and the cassette tape player that goes with it, of course. So there it sits, its square putty-gray steel and plastic casing [...]

Behind the Mouse

by admin on Dec 20th in Computers, Hardware

Image via Wikipedia Shortly after computers were released in the 1940s, a device that changed computers forever was released. The trackball came into existence in 1952 as a secret military operation of the Canadian Navy. Because it was not under patent, a similar device came out in the early 60s; this was the first official [...]

Printing Something New

by admin on Dec 14th in Computers, Hardware, Internet, Peripherals

At the beginning of time, books were something very few people could afford. Most books were written by hand, typically by monks or priests. A good portion of these books were bibles. Most people who owned them had to pay quite a price. Today, reading and owning a book is something that can be done [...]

Designing Your Own Computer Easier and More Affordable Than Ever Before

by admin on Nov 27th in Hardware, Internet

Image via Wikipedia Many people are discovering the benefits of building their own computers. Not only do they save substantially over the cost of a PC from a major manufacturer, they’re also able to get a lot more computer than they would be able to have otherwise. This is because there are a large number [...]

Quick Tips for Upgrading Computer Memory

by admin on Nov 24th in Hardware, Internet

Image via Wikipedia Computer memory manufacturers have made it easier than ever to upgrade your computer’s internal or RAM (random access) memory. Although many machines now ship with a substantial amount of RAM already pre-installed, it is commonly thought that this is the least expensive way to improve the performance of your personal computer. For [...]

Computer Hardware: Making the Old Run Like New

by admin on Nov 17th in Hardware, Internet

Image by Getty Images via @daylife As nice as it would be to go out and buy the latest and greatest computer system each time we feel like our PC is no longer cutting it, economic realities generally don’t allow for such an indulgence. That being said, there are some simple and inexpensive ways to [...]

Computer Hardware Storage Options

by admin on Nov 13th in Hardware, Internet

Image via Wikipedia There are a surprising amount of different types of media and storage for your computer. They range from the standard CD-Rom drive that runs several different types of media to the cutting edge Blu Ray drives, which allow you to watch high-definition Blu Ray movies on your system or even write or [...]

Computer Motherboard Central to Powerful Hardware

by admin on Nov 10th in Hardware, Internet

Image by Daren Higham via Flickr A term that many of us have heard relating to computers but that may not be well understood is the so-called motherboard. This is in fact the main component inside of your computer, whether it is a desktop system or a laptop. Its name comes from the fact that [...]

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