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Behind the Mouse

by admin on Dec 20th in Computers, Hardware

Image via Wikipedia Shortly after computers were released in the 1940s, a device that changed computers forever was released. The trackball came into existence in 1952 as a secret military operation of the Canadian Navy. Because it was not under patent, a similar device came out in the early 60s; this was the first official [...]

Selecting a Keyboard

by admin on Aug 17th in Computers, Internet, Peripherals

Image via Wikipedia Owning and operating a computer involves much more than the size of the screen, number of components or even the size and speed of the processor. While these are important and often the most marketed features of any computer, there or other considerations a prospective buyer should include when making a final [...]

Wireless Input Devices

by admin on Aug 12th in Computers, Peripherals

Image by gamerscoreblog via Flickr The business of making computers user friendly has been and still is a major focus of computer manufacturers around the world. This concept reaches beyond components, hard drive space, memory size or display clarity. Every user, particularly those that interface with computers as part of their work or study, are [...]

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