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Netflix Expanding to iPhone

by admin on May 5th in General, iPad

The Advent of Netflix When Netflix was first introduced to consumers in 1997, it made quite an impression with movie-goers and movie-lovers. Netflix made a substantial leap in the film industry by creating an avenue where customers could have the movie of their choice sent to them through the mail for them to watch. The [...]

Internet Radio at it’s finest… PANDORA RADIO

by admin on Mar 16th in Internet

In November 1994 during a Rolling Stones concert the first use of the internet as a radio source was broadcasted allowing Mick Jagger to speak to the interweb listeners. Since 1994 radio and internet has become bigger, better and stronger. These two radio forms have been developed and catered to be able to use each [...]

Backup… beep beep

by admin on Mar 9th in Gadgets, iPad

If you are Apple Inc. obsessed and scoff at anything with a squiggly window icon then you are probably like many others. You have multiple Apple products. It started with a big clunky iPod, then the third generation iPod, then the iMac into the iBook, the iMac (newer generation), the MacBook Pro, and most recently [...]

Mobile Application Options for Your iPhone

by admin on Sep 16th in Gadgets, Hardware, Peripherals

You may already be familiar with some of the mobile application options available for your iPhone, but you may not know about others. Here are some familiar ones, and one or two that may not be so familiar: Music downloads capability. You can download music from practically any artist in any genre. You may have [...]

Personal Computers and the Internet

by admin on Aug 22nd in Computers, Internet, Peripherals

Image by Jeff Henshaw via Flickr There are a number of points of view when it comes to determining the future direction of how the average consumer will most commonly interact with a personal computing device, whether it be the next 5, 10 or 20 years. When Bill Gates revolutionized the PC industry with the [...]

Nice upgrades with the Torch

by admin on Aug 20th in Gadgets, Latest On The Market

BlackBerry unveiled its latest model this week and the sleek new gadget is set up to give the iPhone a run for its money. The new BlackBerry model, which is called the Torch, features both a touch screen and a slide out keyboard for easier texting. It will be available in stores starting August 12th [...]


by admin on Aug 8th in Latest On The Market, Peripherals

Apples next big device post the iPod was the iPhone, a smartphone touted as the best selling in its class since its introduction. This mobile phone is simply so much more than that, though the most recent release of the iPhone, the iPhone 4, has not been without controversy within only weeks after its introduction. [...]

The iPad

by admin on Aug 5th in iPad, Latest On The Market

Image via Wikipedia The next big gadget from Apple, the iPad, is a tool that promises to blend together all of the popular features of the iPod Touch plus new ones. It puts it all together in a device the size of a notepad that allows for a larger display than the iPod Touch with [...]

PC or Mac

by admin on Jul 22nd in Computers, Latest On The Market, Software

Image via Wikipedia The debate continues and a trend seems to be emerging. Once the market leader in personal computing, IBM lost tremendous market share to other more affordable and equally reliable PC manufacturers, such as Gateway, Toshiba and Dell. Microsoft ensured PC survivability among everyday users by adapting the more arcane user interface of [...]

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