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Computer Hardware Getting Cheaper and Faster

by admin on Nov 8th in Hardware, Internet

Image via Wikipedia Although laptops and tablet computers are steadily increasing in popularity, the desktop processor hasn’t been completely replaced as of yet. In many case a desktop system with equal or even better specs can be found for substantially less than an equivalent laptop system. Coupled with the fact that many of these systems [...]

Mistake Proofing Your Computer Hardware

by admin on Sep 22nd in Computers, Hardware, Internet, Software

Image via Wikipedia These days, most people keep record of their entire lives – both personal and professional, on their personal computers. Cataloguing important information into neat files and folders is convenient, writable, portable and transferable. If your schedule suddenly changes, you no longer need to worry about a messy cross out on your paper [...]

What the New Computer Hardware Looks Like

by admin on Sep 20th in Computers, Hardware, Internet, Software

Image by shapeshift via Flickr As recent as a few years ago, traditional computer hardware consisted of either a large desktop personal computer, including the actual tower, monitor, computer mouse and keyboard – or a laptop, which was often big and quite heavy to carry back and forth from the office to home. Either way, [...]

Desktop or Laptop: Which Computer Hardware is Right for Your Business?

by admin on Aug 12th in Computers, Hardware, Latest On The Market, Peripherals

Many people think of businesses as needing these huge banks of computers, but that’s simply not the case anymore. Instead of needing that much space, businesses can now do a lot of their work through cloud computing. When they do that they need a lot less hardware, which saves them money. For your business, no [...]

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