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Designing Your Own Computer Easier and More Affordable Than Ever Before

by admin on Nov 27th in Hardware, Internet

Image via Wikipedia Many people are discovering the benefits of building their own computers. Not only do they save substantially over the cost of a PC from a major manufacturer, they’re also able to get a lot more computer than they would be able to have otherwise. This is because there are a large number [...]

Computer Hardware and Internet Making World Better

by admin on Nov 22nd in Hardware, Internet

Image via Wikipedia Most people would be surprised to learn that there was a point in the history of computers at which some people questioned whether or not they were ever going to be beneficial to mankind. Now it is a foregone conclusion among virtually everyone that computers and computer hardware have forever changed the [...]

Great Computer Hardware Tips to Make Your System Sing

by admin on Nov 16th in Hardware, Internet

Image by Getty Images via @daylife Just as the real world is full of dangers, the virtual world of a computer can also be a gateway to trouble. The key to avoiding dangers of all kinds is to be educated. Ironically, your computer is the place to go for this type of information. You just [...]

Taking care of your Computer Hardware

by admin on Oct 29th in Hardware, Internet

Image via Wikipedia Computers are expensive, and replacing them because someone spilled something or something got wet can be a drain to just about anyone’s budget. What follows are some Computer Hardware hints that will keep your computer safe and keep it running like the day your purchased it. 1.     Archive your items on [...]

PC or Mac

by admin on Jul 22nd in Computers, Latest On The Market, Software

Image via Wikipedia The debate continues and a trend seems to be emerging. Once the market leader in personal computing, IBM lost tremendous market share to other more affordable and equally reliable PC manufacturers, such as Gateway, Toshiba and Dell. Microsoft ensured PC survivability among everyday users by adapting the more arcane user interface of [...]

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