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Speaking of Speakers

by admin on Dec 18th in Computers, Hardware, Peripherals

Computers were originally intended as data devices. They were used to store mass information based on letters and numbers. Today, instead of just basic data we have come into a new age of computing where music, videos, and other forms of data have taken over. Of course, with such a demand for computers to be [...]

Digital Pictures Easy and Fun to Add to Computer Hardware

by admin on Nov 20th in Hardware, Internet

Image via Wikipedia In the days before computers, (remember those?) sharing photos typically consisted of removing your wallet and flipping it open to show off pictures of your kids or your dog. Occasionally there was a bit of lint you needed to first remove, and the corners of the photos more often than not were [...]

Computer Motherboard Central to Powerful Hardware

by admin on Nov 10th in Hardware, Internet

Image by Daren Higham via Flickr A term that many of us have heard relating to computers but that may not be well understood is the so-called motherboard. This is in fact the main component inside of your computer, whether it is a desktop system or a laptop. Its name comes from the fact that [...]

Computer Hardware Getting Cheaper and Faster

by admin on Nov 8th in Hardware, Internet

Image via Wikipedia Although laptops and tablet computers are steadily increasing in popularity, the desktop processor hasn’t been completely replaced as of yet. In many case a desktop system with equal or even better specs can be found for substantially less than an equivalent laptop system. Coupled with the fact that many of these systems [...]

Wireless Input Devices

by admin on Aug 12th in Computers, Peripherals

Image by gamerscoreblog via Flickr The business of making computers user friendly has been and still is a major focus of computer manufacturers around the world. This concept reaches beyond components, hard drive space, memory size or display clarity. Every user, particularly those that interface with computers as part of their work or study, are [...]

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