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iPod Touch
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The next big gadget from Apple, the iPad, is a tool that promises to blend together all of the popular features of the iPod Touch plus new ones. It puts it all together in a device the size of a notepad that allows for a larger display than the iPod Touch with additional apps designed specifically for the iPad, such as iBooks.

iBooks is a tool that brings together eBooks to the Apple portable electronic device realm. Users can now download electronic books and store them, organize them, purchase them and read them on the iPad. The display is promised to be easy to read and intuitive as reading a traditional hard copy book. The introduction of iBooks and the iPad was the first real threat to confront the Kindle eBook reader developed by Amazon.

The iPad is also touted as being ideal for browsing the internet. It utilizes Safari, Apple’s internet browser. Since the display is much larger than the iPod touch and the iPad is not as bulky as a laptop, Apple promises that the iPad will be the way to go in terms of viewing the internet. In addition, the display seems to lends itself to be an ideal medium for viewing, organizing and sharing photos. The size of the display alone at the starting price of the iPad, $499, is already price competitive in terms of a digital display frame alone.

Finally, all of the apps an iPhone or iPod user already owns can be accessed via their iPad. So, the collection is accessible regardless of the device a user is on. It seems that current users of popular devices such as the iPod touch or the iPhone area already ideally suited to benefit from the purchase of the iPad. Just how many new users this latest gadget from Apple manages to bring into the fold remains to be seen.

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